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Recognition Certificate

Recognition Certificates for Special Events and People

What is a Recognition Certificate?

Special people who do exceptional things should get recognized.  It may be appropriate for your District to help you recognize a special someone with a Recognition Certificate from the District of Barriere on milestone events such as the examples below:

  • A birthday milestone (40, 50 or another special birthday number);
  • Retirement after 20 or more years of service;
  • An athletic, artistic, career or academic accomplishment;
  • A 25th or later wedding anniversary;
  • A special award from a community, church or professional group.

For these and similar occasions, you may feel it is appropriate for the District of Barriere to recognize the individual and the accomplishment.  Though we cannot promise you a Recognition Certificate, we will try and make it happen. 

How to request a Recognition Certificate

Download the form below and submit to the District office.  Our staff will contact you and determine if a Recognition Certificate is appropriate in the circumstances.  If it is, we'll get it printed and signed, and you can pick it up at the District Office.