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Recycling Information

Recycle BC Regulation Change Requirements for Curbside Collection

  • Effective July 1, 2020. 

Under new Recycle BC Regulations that took effect as of July 1st, 2020, the District of Barriere curbside collection service no longer is permitted to accept recycling material in single-use bags (i.e. Blue Bags) that is placed curbside for municipal collection.  All recycling material must be collected from a reusable container or tote. Under a grant program in June of 2020, residents were provided with a compliant tote with a lid, at no cost, to each residence.  The totes are clear and are marked with a logo.  Replacement and/or additional totes are available (at cost) at the District Office for $17.99.

Regular garbage is collected on your normally scheduled day of the week and the two eligible recycling streams (paper/boxboard and Containers) are collected that day on the alternating week schedule.  

A lid is included with the clear collection tote so that rain does not soak the material as soaking wet paper and boxboard is not compliant with Recycle BC regulations. Using the lid will also help prevent any material that wants to hitch a ride with a friendly gust of wind and go for a leisurely stroll down the street.  The material should be loose inside the tote and will be emptied, loose, into the District’s collection vehicle. As with the current policy, if the collector notices non-compliant material in the tote, the tote will be tagged and the material will not be collected.

For more information, residents can contact the District Office (250) 672-9751, or email:

As mentioned above, the pick up schedule for each of the two recycling categories alternate from week to week. Please see the schedule below to determine what category will be collected from your home on your next scheduled garbage collection day: (PDF Version - click here

This annual insert is included in your Annual Property Tax Notice mailout in May/June. 

If you require an additional hard copy, these inserts are available at the District Office. 

The Recycling Program gives residents of Barriere the opportunity to do their part in:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Pollution Reduction, and
  • Overall Waste Management

For those who wish to take their recyclables the Louis Creek Eco Depot on Agate Bay Rd., receptacles are available for residents to drop off their recyclables.

One of them is for glass, one for containers (metal, tin, cartons, plastic containers, etc.), one for paper products (cereal boxes, household paper, newspaper, etc.), one for Styrofoam and one for corrugated cardboard.  This location also takes some hazardous waste materials and electronics. Click here for more information on disposing paint & other hazardous materials.

Please visit if you would like to clarify if the item you would like to dispose of is recyclable and/or is accepted at the facility.

Alternatively, download the free "My Waste" App for either Apple or Android devices:

The Eco-Depot accepts recyclables at no charge (including small appliances, etc), and waste refuse on a weight-based system.
Credit, debit and eco-card payments available (no cash).

For information on how to dispose of Paint & other Hazardous Materials, click here. 

Hours of Operation

Winter: Tues-Sat 8am - 4pm
Summer: Tues- Sun 8am - 4pm

Just a reminder: Composters are available for sale at the Louis Creek Eco Depot for $25.

We are now recycling household batteries.  Transport Canada requires that batteries be wrapped with elastic bands (so that the ends can not touch one another) and placed in plastic bags (i.e. ziplock bag).  You can bring these properly packaged, used batteries for recycling at no charge, to the District Office.  Some bags are available at the District office if needed.

Residents can continue with whatever method they are using now to separate the 2 categories inside the home. Many are using bags as multiple totes take up a lot of room. If a resident is using two hanging bags to sort, for example, they can continue to do so and simply empty the bag into the clear tote on collection day and rehang the bag for re-use.  However, if a resident wishes to have 2 totes, there are some available for purchase at the District office.

The tote provided is clear and an approved size for curbside collection, so it is necessary to use that tote. If residents wish to use an additional container, it will need to be clear, an approved size and display the recycling logo/sticker which can be purchased at the District Office.  Other specifications may also be required so residents wishing to use an additional container will need to contact the District office.

Unfortunately, no. Recycle BC regulations do no permit that arrangement.

Blue bags can continue to be used for recycling material until the last collection day in June. As of July 1st, 2020, recycling must be placed for collection inside the tote provided. However, after that date, blue bags can be used for non-recyclables disposal such as household garbage or yard waste.

Nope.  All that stuff is staying the same. The only thing that is different is that the recycling material will be inside the new tote, instead of a blue bag.